> Open the Box



A new world of applications emerges in the home from the growing variety of sensors and actuators potentially available. Several application domains are considered, e.g., security, energy efficiency, comfort, ambient assisted living, multimedia communication. However, the Smart Home market has still not taken off yet. This market remains divided into niche markets having dedicated device manufacturers with proprietary solutions. Industrial partnerships are also built on each type of application separately without embracing the big picture.
Several actors propose to exploit a new technical and economic opportunity to catalyze this market. This opportunity is based on the re­use of the infrastructure that telecom operators have deployed for today classic Internet and TV services. It raises technical and business challenges: Telecom operators have to open their home infrastructure to third­party applications while guaranteeing application security and consistency to all home business actor using this infrastructure.

Several technical disruptions are expected at several levels of the home telecom infrastructure. The main challenge lies in the deployment and maintenance of a software environment embedded on an Internet gateway and open to third party applications.



Open the Box project extends a collaborative project that has been built in 2011 and carried out by 8 French partners from 2012 to 2014. A set of results has been achieved by the 8 partners during the project and beyond. The tutorial (in English and French) is made available by Orange with Orange freeware and open source materials since 2015.