Standard specifications

  • Contributions to Home Gateway Initative Open Platform 2.0 and Smart Home reference architecture
  • – technical requirements for resource management on an open gateway
  • – a device abstraction layer made of a first layer of “Base Drivers”

Open source contributions

  • Contribution to eclipse SmartHome project
  • OSGi EnOcean Base Driver, an implementation of OSGi standard EnOcean Device Service specification. It enables the discovery and control of EnOcean devices on according to OSGi service design patterns. The standard API maps the representation model of EnOcean entities defined by EnOcean Equipment Profiles standard into Java classes.
  • – soon an EnOcean ‘binding’ with at least one ‘thing Handler’ in the eclipse model to show an example of the scalability of the driver for the eclipse abtraction layer .
  • Contributions on Orange open source repository
  • SimbleBee Base Driver, an example of a base driver for a very simple protocol invented for quick prototyping purposes. The protocol enables the communication between any Gateway, here with an Open the Box Platform, and custom sensors on Arduino prototypes. Sources under Apache license.
  • SimbleBee for Arduino, an implementation of SimpleBee protocol on Arduino. Sources under Apache license.
  • Contributions to LIG Adele open source projects
  • APAM, a runtime platform to support execution of adaptable applications. Sources under Apache license.
  • ROSE, a framework for on-the-fly distribution of OSGi services. Sources under Apache license.
  • Contributions on Sourceforge repository
  • Modus, a Java implementation of Broadband Forum standard TR-069 protocol client implementation. TR-069 is used by almost all telecom operators for the management of their millions of home gateways. Sources under Apache license.

  • Open source research proof of concept
  • Incinerator, the implementation of a JVM for stale reference free OSGi platforms. The JVM is made with VMKit open source project, under VMKit Release License.

Technical and academic publications


  • Keynotes
  • – A. Bottaro. Open The Box! Challenges in the Smart Home. Keynote speech, 16th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA 2011), Toulouse, France, September 2011